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Did you clean out your closet?

Tina Marie


Message from the Spirits

Today is the day for hope! Things are about to change. Will you be ready? Did you take this time to clean your closet? You have many closets in your spirit. It is important to clean them out so you can begin a new! Do you have some past hurts that need to be let go? Please let them go so you can move forward faster! We want to fill you up with our light and we can't if you hold onto what doesn't serve you! You've made sacrifices in the past, and they left you with anger, frustration and sometimes guilt. Don't hold onto those issues. Let them go so you can fly! Bring in the light of the Universe! 

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Thanks Tina! Definately something to think about today! A reflection and clean it out!!

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Melissa Kennedy


It is funny! My spiritual closet is in a lot better shape than my actual closet these days! ???? Thank You for the perspective! ? 

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