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I thought i would write here where my interest of Galactic and Atlantis started.



Hi there, 

I just thought I would explain about why and how I become to know about the Galactic teams.  I only talk from my own experiences and what people have written and passed on to me.  Most of my experience with the galactic teams have been through group channelling and past live regressions that i have done on others. 

I used to be part of a small group where we would connect to the galactic teams, in my local town. We would channel messages and they would often help with my healings, particularly the psychic surgery.  They are all beautiful, and all have different abilities, and will often show themselves in the same manner. 

I also in 2018 did a lot of past life regressions and what i noticed is that many were linked and describing Atlantis. A place where we were so connected with our energy. A place where someone could see the others ailments and heal them through the mind. A place of love. A place of pure connection with animals and plants. I  had one that felt that she was rock and part of a planet or star. I had another friend who in her Angelic Reiki Teacher training started channelling and speaking light language beside me. Which amazed the whole group and her, you should have seen her face. I dont claim to do that lol 

So in 2018 I went to Glastonbury and did my Atlantean Healing training, and wow it blew me away.  I loved and felt very connected to the energies of Atlantis. Of course I then went back and did the further advanced one. I was addicted,  Last year I taught 8 students to be attuned to the Atlantean healing and the spiritual connection was amazing.  The ascended masters did all the work, it wasnt me.  I got out of the way to let them initiate them. 


Finally I did star seed training.  So this is where I am with the Galactics, kept secret until members of this group brought it out of me, they are wonderful, they are here to help and I look forward to bringing them forward on Tuesday Evening. I will be so interested to see what you learn from them ...

I have been guided that the Pleiadians, sirians, lyrans and Arturians would like to join us.   Another evening you can meet Andromeda, the Orions,  and the Antarians. 

The session will be led and over seen by Commander Ashtar !  and the Archangel Michael, with his legion of Angels,


much love, and blessings all, see ya Tuesday.

Carly x


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Beautiful Carly!! So glad you shared your journeu with us!  We are all looking forward to joining you on Tuesday!! I know this Pleidian here is anyway!!? Your ability and knowledge finally led me to some PEACE about where I came from & my past lives!! Thank you!@

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I love that your bringing this forward, I know where I am from and it’s great to see more opening the proverbial can of worms lol. Look forward to this learning.  I as well can sing in my native planet language but not speak it! lol So we can be in this boat together! ❤️

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Thank you for connecting with me and glad I could help, and keep up the good work ?

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Wow Debbie thank you for sharing,would be interesting to hear ...

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I wanted to know more about my origin since I know my crystals and...here I go! Thank you @Carly! ❤️ 

You are talented and gifted..time to embrace it fully! ❤️ Let your light shine!

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