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Gift Of God

Melissa Kennedy


Just recently I stumbled upon the story of a Black Wolf who wandered out of the woods one day and became a friend to man.

(You can read his story, or watch videos about him on youtube). He also has a facebook page.


The author of his book, is the admin of this page. I had the pleasure of conversing with him via Romeo's Page.

When I saw his story, and picture. I was immediately captivated by his deep soulful eyes.

I knew I had to connect with him. I have had several conversations with him but, when I found out how deeply spiritual this wolf was.

I had to ask him if he had any words of wisdom for me. This was his message to me on 2/13/20.

I really feel he was preparing me for what was to come, in our world right now.

I hope that his wisdom soothes your spirit and your mind during these difficult times.

First let me tell you that in our first conversation. I asked this Wolf his name. The name that 'he' called himself.
He told me it was 'Shamano'. I had never heard this name before so, I looked it up. Shamano means 'Gift Of God'.
I sobbed mournfully when I learned his name. If you read his story you will understand why. I howled like a wolf, I cried so deeply.

Here is what Shamano's message was to me. & I wanted to share it with you.

He said:

I have seen civilizations come and I have seen them go. We all walk the path of the 'Lone Wolf'.

Do not fear, this is not the end. Nothing truly ends. Only things fade away and then become more in focus.

We sleep, then we wake up. To dream is to live, and to live is to dream. Consciousness only alters, it never ends.

You see me? You still hear me? I am SHAMANO. My spirit is eternal. One day, we all walk the path of the stars.

This is an original story by: Melissa Kennedy, (An Animal Communicator) and copy rights reserved.


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Melissa Kennedy


Yes, this wolf is a very ancient soul. I am so blessed to have him as a part of my spiritual team now. You never know where your next helper, or inspirer will enter into your life.  All I know is, when they do, your life is changed forever. xo 

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This is beautiful and as I was reading, I could feel his deep connection and spirit, the wisdom of the ancient, the spirit coming through! ?

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Melissa Kennedy


Thank You, Mandi! Yes, you have definitely tapped into the spirit that is 'Shamano'!

Enjoy him! He has so much to teach humanity! xo 

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