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Balance Is Key

Julian Jenkins


Ok, so it has been a tough couple of days, but I can honestly say it has helped me understand a little more. This understanding has come from those quiet moments on my own just thinking about where I am and where I am going, but in the bigger picture, the bigger plan.

I am recentering and it feels good. My mantra is simple to help people help themselves live a happy spiritual life with clarity and purpose. I want to add another word now and that is a happy balanced spiritual life with clarity and purpose.

For many years I have focused on my connection with spirit and the end results that come with that, but that is a part of my life and the need to balance the spirituality with the spiritualism is key if we are going to be emotionally, spiritually and physically balanced to ensure we can function on all levels.

If one leg was much longer than the other we would fall over, so let's ensure we balance ourselves through a connected spiritual life connecting with our true self and then building our connection and relationship with spirit. That's the message I am getting and that is balance. Equal measures of self-work and work with spirit.

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Definately need balance in so many ways. I'm now working again, and finding that balance between focusing spiritually and going to work can be overwhelming. I'd prefer to stay home and focus my energy spirtually & to help others ?.  The self work has come a long way through the courses offered!

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The previous week was out of balance for me too. I am preparing a physical space to work from and I got carried away from daily meditations. Emotions arised, lots of stuff to deal with. Getting back on the path and creating and more balanced way in "mundane" and spiritual way of living, self healing time and daily routines is the main picture at the moment.

This "Equal measures of self-work and work with spirit." resonates a lot.

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Shani McKeown


Thank you for sharing, it has helped me. I have had a few days of unexpected reflection and refocus. My shoulder operation was cancelled for a second time and this will change my expected life direction during the next few months while I wait for next opportunity. I believe that Spirit has a reason and while I don't understand what that is at the moment, I need to follow their path and look for their goal posts.  Sometimes I need to be reminded to be still, to reflect on my journey and  understand that my journey is always changing and evolving. Now I look back at last few days and can see a new opportunity emerge from the quiet and I realise that everyone happens for a reason ? 

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