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No Evil Here x

Julian Jenkins


There has been a lot of people recently writing to me to talk about darkness and evil spirits etc. I want to reiterate on this day I do not believe in the devil or evil spirits. We as humans always look for duality and good v evil is very much man-made.

I was watching a program about doomsday and the fear it causes to inflict control on people and with the book of revelations talking about the number of the beast 666. There is a very human and non-biblical response to who the beast is and it is clear to me Nero Caesar was the person they were writing about. Written in Aramaic, this can be valued at 666 using the Hebrew numerology of gematria, and was used to secretly speak against the emperor. Nero created many atrocities and ordered the crucifixion of St Peter in what is now known as St Peters square.

So when you here people perpetuating the evil spirits theory please don't buy into it and realise the only evil is man-made and we all come here and born with love and when we leave to go home we go back to love. Have a lovely day x

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Tina Marie


I totally agree!  Everything I learn always goes back to Love!  I had a conversation with my love, the other night about this subject.  He's all about good works to get into heaven.  He feels he did too many things wrong that he has to make up for now.  I smiled and said, "You don't have to work your way into anything!"  I continued, "think about it.  Knowing me as you do, and all the encounters I have had with spirits that have passed how could you think that?  I've spoken to people that committed suicide.  They were happy!  How did they get there?  If the way you think is true, they should be in 'Hell'.  He thought about that and said, "You might be right."  I smiled and then said, "So having said that are there really demons or just evil people that want you to think that way so they can control you?"  He said, "I'll have to think about that."  I smiled and said, "Ok."  The funny thing is his wife... who passed away 4 years ago... was just like me in a lot of ways!  Totally of the metaphysical world!  She even sent me to him.  ? She said I could help him see the truth. She had a lot of gifts, but couldn't speak to those that have passed.  I can. Humm. ? Thank you for sharing... again! ? 

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