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My Thoughts On The Journey

Julian Jenkins


I was asked the other day what is spirituality and is it the same as religion

For me, spirituality is about connecting with the divine through our own personal experiences, whereas religion in many ways is understanding and connecting through someone else’s experiences. It also says that you must adhere to a set of rules created from the bible.

Religion in many ways is a conformist deal, I believe that there is a god or whatever word you want to use creator etc, but with religion, you have to enter into a deal obey God and behave in certain ways and you will go to heaven if you disobey him then look out and pack a fireproof suit.

Whereas a spiritual journey is a lot more fluid, although the basis of it is love and doing the right things we know it is more of an experiential journey or quest where you learn from those experiences and get some of the big answers like who am I, what happens next.

Can you be spiritual and not religious, yes that’s where I sit can you be a mixture of both, well my answer because I am more spiritual is yes but if I was more religious then it would be no, you have to religiously follow a religion whereas we can spiritually follow spirituality.

The question expands once you start to get your head around things and then what the difference between spirituality and spiritualism is.

For me, spirituality and spiritualism go together in fact on enhances the other, but that is because to truly have a connection with spirit you have to have a connection with yourself.

Spirituality is a way of life where you connect with your true nature and the nature around you learning to live a life which has more empathy, connection, compassion and patience if you like leaving the human ego at the door. Spiritualism is a belief system in many ways and that we can and do connect with people who have passed over to the spirit world.

I believe those who just practice spiritualism to connect with the spirit world, but don’t practice or cultivate spirituality will have a far less connected experience than those that do.

The coming together of spirituality and spiritualism allows us to truly benefit from a balanced nourished life where we can have emotional equilibrium, inner connection and the amazing knowledge, insight, healing and love from the spirit world.

If we think of spiritual awakening as being the experience of when we enter our spiritual journey and this can be activated through a traumatic experience, a big life change, a shift in your thought process, in essence, the old way of your own personal thinking and life doesn’t truly satisfy your inner soul and you start to ask questions and crave for more crave to understand the questions you cant answer and a craving to truly find and live your true life's purpose.

If you like it is your soul coming to life and crying from freedom, a freedom from the layers of human experiences and teachings that have sent you in many ways down the path of mere existence and now you want to live a life of non-materialistic connection and fulfilment of happiness and the feeling of being whole again.

The Dark Night of the soul.
You may have heard of this term on many occasions and that for me is about the disconnection and emptiness of your inner connection but also total separation from the divine. The feeling of hopelessness the feeling of being completely lost and no light in sight. If you like it is inner and spiritual depression.

This is where we can start from a true foundation after shedding all the materialistic and ego ideas and how we can bring forth the true light of our soul. There is no such thing as darkness only an absence of light and when you think all is lost that is when you can really start to bring your soul purpose to the front, breath by breath you don’t choose your spiritual path it chooses you.

Your spirit, soul and heart understand what needs to be done to evolve, grow, mature and heal. What we need to do as spiritual people to transform from the human experience into the light of the spiritual clarity and experience.

So what does this path and spiritual journey look like for you?
I want everyone to live a spiritual life that is true to them, a life that they feel and experience through every follicle of hair on their body. A deeply rooted value proposition that oozes out of every pour.

Spirituality and spiritualism for me is a deep and direct experience of love it is a practice that I cultivate every single day. Its s process of understanding true self stripping away the labels we get tagged with by our human experience, I want to continuously evolve, mature and heal so that I can offer the same light and energy to others around me. I want to truly surrender to spirit, embody the divine and help raise the vibration here so that when I leave this journey I leave this place in a better state than when I entered.

For me, if I can not be true to my heart then I won't be true to myself, so ensure that everything we do is be love and give love and connect with an everlasting love. Be true to your heart and your soul will awaken with an abundance of love and light.

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Thank you beautifully written and I completely resonate with what you are saying. 

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