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My journey with Archangel Michael



My journey with Archangel Michael


I think I first became aware of Archangel Michael when I got an oracle deck called Archangel Michael by Doreen Virtue.  Then I was enlightened more about him when I started doing angel courses, which included protection.  Since then he has become my main go to Archangel. I feel so unbelievably connected to him that it’s hard to put into words.  He feels like my brother, but more than a brother from earth, more of like a spiritually connected unconditional love brother that I have not been able to find here on earth.  He has been trying so hard for me to see he is trying to help me feel safe, release my fears, follow my life purpose (which I’m still not even sure what exactly that is going to be).  So many signs he has given me and the point to all this is, he hasn’t given up on me after all these years.  I would say a lot of this has been the last 5-6 years, when my world finally came to a head and was flipped upside down and I could no longer ignore what was happening and a change needed to happen.


Signs that I know he’s around is just an internal feeling of feeling safe, loved, and comforted, but I also physically see sparks of blue light happen with my eyes open.  I started seeing white sparks of light randomly when I moved to Oregon back in 2007 and was working in a group home and didn’t know what it was. It wasn’t until years later that a psychic randomly told me that the sparks of light I see are angels coming in.  I was amazed because I thought it was just my eyesight and as online says, my blood vessels were popping.  I now realize there is a difference between the two.  Another sign is as I went to type this, I went and got my Archangel Michael deck off the shelf and there was 1 card that was upside down in the deck as I flipped through real quick and it was “A Favorable Outcome” and it’s about the more I let go and allow God to be in charge the quicker the favorable outcome will manifest.  It also says that heaven has a devised plan that’s beyond the scope of human imagination.  This is happening after I got on my knees last night at the lake and prayed to be shown with clarity, my life purpose and how to set myself free of the fears that are holding me back from serving and doing my life purpose. Also, after I had just got off the phone with someone I met in a Facebook group that was such a beautiful experience and she made me feel so safe and loved and uplifted me and she opened her heart and soul to help me. Such a gift from the angels to bring me an earth angel in my time of need.


The other card I noticed in the deck that caught my eye was “Believe and Trust”, which instantly made me think of the sticky note I had written months ago on my wall that I just saw the other day (there are so many things around us that we don’t see that are right in front of our face, until one day we notice it’s there) and it says “Trust and Believe”.  Now I know who put that inspiration in my head at the time I wrote it, and for me to be able to recognize the sign. So here is the thing, we are constantly receiving signs, it’s just do we see them, do we recognize them or are we too much in our heads to not notice a sticky on the wall that has been there for months until one day we do because something or someone draws our attention there.


As a child I had seen a shadow in my bedroom that scared me so bad that I couldn’t watch tv in the dark anymore.  I now realize that was one of my angels. I bring this up to segway into when I saw an angel as an adult now and the experience was so different because of feeling safe from years of working with Archangel Michael and releasing fears and feeling protected along with other courses and helpful people along the way.  


It was late one evening on 9/20/2023 and I was walking from my bedroom to the bathroom.  My bedroom is at the end of the hallway on the right and the bathroom is just before it on the right.  The house was quiet and dark and I walked out of my bedroom door and went left and turned left to go into the bathroom.   As I turned to go into the bathroom, looking at the end of the hallway where my living room starts, I saw a shadow of an angel with my physical eyes.  I wasn’t phased in that moment at all, normally I would be scared or jump or something. There was absolutely no fear and I didn’t even stop walking. I continued into the bathroom and looked in the mirror and said to myself “I just saw an angel”.  I knew it for a fact and there was no question.  I didn’t immediately know what angel he was. I know angels don’t have genders, but they present to us how we need to see them.  This angel felt and looked male and was large and had large wings and armor. I remember his energy made him feel bigger than when I was seeing him, he felt very large.  It was dark so the coloring was dark black and gray, not in color like his usual blue color.  I had previously taken the make up off my eyes so my eyes were a little blurry, but I unbelievably saw him.  I had been asking to see an angel for a while now (with my physical eyes). 


I have seen Archangel Michael’s blue light sparks, but also when I would have my eyes closed I would see blue light or green light moving around (green for Archangel Raphael) and even when I would lay down for bed in the pitch dark, I would see blue light in my room with my eyes open.  I still wanted to see an angel though and get past my fear like the fear I had as a child seeing a shadow.  


As I tuned into the energy of what I saw, I realized it was Archangel Michael.  I was so extremely grateful because I know it takes a lot to manifest on his part, but also on my part to see it on the physical level.  I showered him and the angels with tons of love and light and feeling blessed and grateful to have been given that gift of sight that not many people get to experience.  I had to let go of wanting to see an angel and just let it happen when it was meant to be in divine timing. I was in my own little world just walking to the bathroom and there he was in my hallway and I was so calm and so peaceful and there was absolutely no fear.  


I’m truly blessed for that wonderful gift and how he keeps surrounding me because he will not give up on me.  I still have a lot of fears and things that I need to work through from experiences in this lifetime and past lifetimes, but I can honestly say I have come leaps and bounds from where I used to be.  He and the other angels also help me to see how far I have come and appreciate what a changed person I am because of allowing them into my life to help me and seeing and recognizing the signs.  I am able to see my part in everything and take ownership, but also see it from all sorts of perspectives, meaning that I have become much more open minded and open hearted.  I had a lot of walls built up around me and my heart.  


On my walk yesterday I saw an acorn on the ground and the hard dark brown shell was broken wide open and inside was this vulnerable white seed.  We have to have the dark with the light and there also comes a time that we have to break open in order to grow, which can make us feel vulnerable and confused, but it is for the seed to be planted to grow into a beautiful tree aka spirit.  It takes strength, courage and love to open up and feel vulnerable and exposed, but things happen to us so we can grow into something more beautiful than we can imagine.  Trust that you are not alone and that spirit is there helping you every step of the way. Be open to the love and guidance and let Archangel Michael help you feel safe and loved so you can make these steps which can turn into leaps.  


Archangel Michael also presented himself to me the other day in the ER as the ER doctor.  I have a history of health issues including some trauma from having my intestines perforate/rupture from diverticulitis and had part of my colon removed.  At the time I couldn’t put my finger on why that doctor touched my heart and soul so much. I mean I felt so close and so much for this doctor because the way he looked at me, the way he talked to me, the way he cared about me.  He literally was talking to my soul and heart, and the words he used was “I’m here to help you feel safe”.  It just hit me today….that was Archangel Michael…that is the feeling I was feeling from this doctor.  My mom just died of colon cancer 10/21/2023 and I apparently manifested illness in my body after coming home from being with her.  Yes, we do that to ourselves and not intentionally and it is very real.  The labs show that I’m healthy though, but I did receive a liter of IV fluid to rehydrate me.  I seem to have a lot of issues and pains from my intestines and inflammation in my body, so much so that I have created my own eating disorder which is making my body malnutritioned and missing important vitamins.  All my tests haven’t shown a whole lot to explain what is happening internally, but the kind person I met on Facebook said it probably is because it’s energetically/spiritually occuring. Meaning I still have work to do on myself.  I'm learning that my body is trying to get my attention and constantly talking to me.  If I'm stressed or worrying about someone or something it goes immediately to my gut.  I'm still learning on how to prevent this from happening so frequently.


I have a team of angels and Archangels working with me and they can work with you too if you ask them for help and start listening and following that intuitive guidance in your head.  They come through as your own thoughts in your head and they never feel rushed.  If it feels rushed then it’s your ego, it should feel calm and safe and not rushed if it’s truly from the angels or spirit.  It took me a while to learn that.  


My hope is this reaches someone that needs to hear this to help them connect to their angels/guides/spirit/God/Divine energy or whatever you want to call it and know that you are not alone and you are being guided and supported even if you feel alone.  As many times as I have felt that I wanted to give up, don’t ever give up because they will never give up on you.  See yourself and others as that newborn child that is full of love and light and deserves all good things in the world.


Think of the pictures of angels that are holding the dove in their hand and see yourself as the dove in the angel's hand.  The angel is there to love, guide and support you always and love you unconditionally, but you are the bird that is free to fly and do as you please, but you are always welcome to come back to them because they are always there for you. They can teach you how to fly and be free.  


I also have a statue of an angel holding a baby and imagine yourself as the baby being loved, comforted and made to feel safe in their arms, helping you grow up to be the person you really want to be and be the change in the world you would like to see.  All you need is love and with love you feel safe and with safety you can do anything your heart desires.


Love Always and Forever



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