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I saw a post today partly about Reiki about not conforming to the rules and following our own internal guidance and that sparked me to write this. Yes, I recently learned we are capable of so much more when we listen to ourselves and release others beliefs and or limitations on our self. Following our own internal guidance is key and to opening up to the power greater than ourselves to max capacity. I have always conformed and froze with inaction when I felt I couldn’t do things exactly as they are supposed to be done. I now realize this was my barrier to break through and I’m proud to say I finally have. It doesn’t mean others are wrong, it just means we all have our own journey.

I write down inspiration I get even if I’m in the middle of work or whatever and yesterday I got this.

“No one is greater than anyone else. We are all equal, it’s just sometimes we connect more with some than others. It doesn’t mean they are better or greater than ourselves.”

I also had a visual and thought the other day while looking at my tree branches by my window. I’m deeply connected to trees and what I got was, we are all connected to one another like the anatomy of a tree. We are the leaves on the branches and we are all different and unique. We branch off in different directions but we are all growing towards the light, the universe divine energy, the life force that we need to continue to grow and nurture ourselves.  Even though we are near some and away from others at the time, we are all still connected to the main source which is the tree trunk. We also are grounded and pulling from the earth energy with our root system that is connected in the center by the trunk which is the god energy or divine energy at the heart of it all which is connected to our hearts. So that thought of we are all equal and no greater than the other, and just on a different part of our journey, but we are deeply connected to one another is fitting. 

The journey starts within ourselves. We are like the tree. The trees purpose is to grow, expand, move towards the light and ground towards nourishment for themselves.  In the process they just so happen to provide shelter to others that take refuge under their branches and rest against their trunks or if they have started to fall over, we can provide that solid support to hold them up until they can do it for themselves.  They are there to love and support and provide safety and shelter to whomever stops on their path until they are able to continue on their own. But it all starts within themselves, continuing to grow, connect and just be entirely themself. 

We are all beautiful souls, unique and on different paths and we are deeply connected like the branch to the tree trunk and roots, so in those times you are frustrated with someone else, just remember that because we don’t understand why they are the way they are, take comfort in knowing we all are love and light and unique and need different things to grow and expand and learn from. We are all still connected by the same life force energy and have the ability to tap into it whenever we need. You have a direct connection to send and receive that love and light and guidance. Everyone is special and unique and we are all equal. 

Thank you everyone for sharing things that spark things within others. We truly are all connected and are here to grow, learn, expand and spread love and light. I wish you love and wisdom and healing on your path. I feel you, I see you, I hear you. I love you always and forever within my heart. 



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Thankyou for this wonderful message. So resonates with myself I to feel like I become stifled if i dont lead with my own intuition like im not being my true self if im following certain  rules etc. This was going through my mind this morning of what you have so beautifully and although i came across your post previous it has meant so much more today . Thankyou Jennifer.



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