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Standing up for yourself

Tina Marie


Hi Everyone!

I wanted to talk to you today about standing up for yourself. Sometimes in life we feel that no matter what we say, or do no one will hear us, so we don't say anything at all. I'm a person that picks and chooses what I get upset about. Are you?

Were there times in my life when I should have spoken up? Absolutely! Why didn't I? I guess when your a people pleaser going against someone is difficult. Why? Because they may not like you! Let's face it we all want to be liked and accepted. BUT is the relationship worth it?

I had a friend that would say things just to see how far she could get before I would stand up for myself. When I finally did she said, "Well it took you long enough." I was like really?

She made me think about how I deal with people. I was mad at her for doing that because what right did she have to test me like that! Looking back on it I see that the Universe was saying... Tina there are going to be times when you need to stand up for yourself so why not start now. There was a part of me that did sometimes after that, but not to much. ???? Didn't learn the lesson. ????

Many years later I don't always stand up for myself right away, but eventually I do. I try to do it in love, but with a firm tone. That takes all my energy to do that because deep down there are times when I want to scream at the person! LOL

What type of person are you? The silent type? The yell so they hear you type? Or the Take a breath and wait for the right moment for you type?

For me? I think at times I'm all three depending on the person. LOL Happy to say, however, that I'm more the take a breath and wait for the right moment for me type.

Life is all about relationships. We are all here to learn. When you don't learn you can't move forward. Are you learning and moving forward, or are you stuck and don't know which way to go?  Look at your relationships and see which ones are holding you back.  Maybe it's time to make a change. ????

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