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Energy , Energy everywhere



Hi all, I hope you are all well,

Just recently I have seen a huge shift  in energy , some good , some not so .As an empath I sometimes get other people energy attaching to me and this is not good as it usually wears me down .

Everything thing is energy , some times you can see it , just like auras and other times we can't , much like the wifi and radio signals , you know and trust they are there but you never see it.

It seams that everyone is being affected by it so I thought I would write this and maybe share some of the things I do when I am getting some unwanted energy directed at me .

We all know that we could just ignore the wrong  energy being directed at us , but is that really helpful? probably not as it tends to fester away in our minds and just get worse and worse till it come to a head and all hell breaks lose and either we say something we don't mean or we end up hurting ourselves.

Anyway here are some of my ways ,

 when you start feeling the wrong energy coming your way , stop and take a breath , ask if this energy is sitting right with you ... Well is it??

Take a deep breath and just be , relax as best you can , see a pool of silver coming round your feet ( don't panic this is only to ground you to mother earth ).

My next step is to breath again and see a beautiful white bubble surrounding you , if you work with Archangels like I sometimes do , you can ask Archangel Michael to step forward and help you with the protection you need , this can also work if you work with dragons , fairies , unicorns, or any Gods Goddesses that you also work with .

this affirmation is taken from Angel prayers by Kyle Gray  "I am surrounded and enveloped in the blue light of protection by Archangel Michael"

After you are in your bubble , you will feel safe and secure , take another breath , then any negative energy that is directed at you , see it being absorbed by the bubble and then transmuting into the highest love there is , and just breath again .

Sometimes if you know you are going into a crowded place it is important to put your bubble up before you go in , and then send in some helpful dragons in before hand just to clear the energy a little .

An important step is to be thankful to whom ever you have called in to help with the energy.As Carly Jane has often said in her Dragon workshops "thank you dragons for cleansing and clearing the energy in this place "

Well I hope this will be of some help  , oh and also it may take a couple of tries before you start seeing anything changing , but please keep at it .

And if you can't already guess I love dragons lol... 

Take care everyone 

Love Sheena xxxx 




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David Anderson


Thank you for sharing this sheena I feel a lot of people can relate to this and I feel it can help others so much xx

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