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Oracle Card: Community

Holly Donath


My oracle card for today was the card of community. 

I select my card-of-the-day with the help of my pendulum guide, Ceda.  Ceda lived on the island of Crete around 1,200 B.C. in the places, and did not survive a battle with the invading Sea People.  Ceda helps me find things.  I vacuumed-up a treasured necklace, which had belonged to a very dear relative.  After emptying the contents of the vacuum bag, I didn't find the necklace.  My husband suggested I consult my pendulum guide.  With Ceda's guidance, we were able to find the necklace and resolve another outstanding mysterious issue.  

As someone who does not have a deep connection with most of the communities I interact with - work community, relative community,  religious community - the significance of the card was lost on me.  Being a new user of this particular deck of oracle cards, I consulted the guidebook and read the following:

Community - Ancient Forest - The towering ancient trees in a forest look distinct from one another.  Yet beneath the surface of the earth, their roots are intertwined.  The roots act like a kind of communication system throughout the community of trees.  Instantaneous messages travel through this underground system.  Nutrients can travel on this network.  Trees at one side of the forest can supply the nourishment required on the other side of the forest.  Danger at one end of the network is communicated to the far end of the intertwined trees.  

Support is all around you, even if you are not consciously aware of it.  Allow yourself to be supported.  Give encouragement to others.   The more you allow yourself to be supported, the moe your dreams can come true.  If you believe that you have to do it all alone, you will.  Your true family is not just blood relationships, sometimes the strangest family ties are friends who know who you are.  Sometimes they are your ancestors and soul family who reside in Spirit.  This card speaks of finding your community and your people.  It is a card of remembering that your people are at your side - believing in you, loving you, and standing strong beside you.  Call on your community and ask for their assistance.  They are only a thought away.  - Sacred Destiny Oracle by Denise Linn

After reading the guidance for this card, the hair raised up on my arims.  I constantly struggle against offers of help by others. and feel alone.   I have depended only upon myself for years, but my resistance to offers of help seems to run deeper than my current life experiences.  The guidebook's instruction of "allow yourself to be supported" seemed to jump off the page at me.  When I glance at the paragraph, that phrase is the first thing I see.   My growth moment is realizing the acceptance of support is not about personal weakness, but increasing strength within the community.  The more we help each other, and in turn, accept help offered, the stronger and more interconnected our community will become.  

In my short experience with this community, the support I have received has been given in love.  It has allowed me to make leaps in my spiritual understanding instead of small steps.  We are like the trees in that with the growth of one tree, the entire grove grows stronger.  We are interconnected through our journey of discovery.  As one learns, we all learn.   When one benefits, we all benefit.

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I love the card and I love your message through your experiences!!!

This community brought me so many self realizations that I could easily write a book!!! It's a place of love and understanding but mostly mutual support!!!


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