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Mind Blowing



Hello everyone, i am looking for some advice please. I have joined several practice reading groups on Facebook. I have been reading photos of passed and living, with amazing feedback, i can honestly say every reading i have done its about 12 now, and not one person has said i am wrong. An admin from another group has jumped in wanting me to be an approved reader for her group, she tested me with a photo that she users for all her readers, she said i had blown her away with the accuracy of the reading even the persons name.

My question to you is, i have absolutely no idea on how i do these readings, sorry if its a stupid thing to say but honestly i do not know. Some of the photos i skip right past but others i stop at and everything just falls into my mind. Is this a gift, is it just gut feelings or is it my intuition. Does this mean my third eye has opened, as i have also seen spirit.

Sorry for so many questions, i just feel i have this amazing passion to help others, as i went through a terrible time after i lost mum, i want to bring some comfort to others, as i received from readers.

Thank you for taking the time to read this


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John I would just trust what spirit are showing you and don't get to hung up on the how .

it sounds like you are doing a great job ,  and able to pass on love from the other side xx

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Thank you much, i just feel so far behind other people, i mean as in the knowledge side of things, i have been told it all comes naturally and at a time when its meant to come. So yeah i am just going with the flow, its just so overwhelming, i cry i laugh its all a roller coaster x

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Tina Marie


Welcome to the club John.  ???? We have all felt that way at one time or another, and it continues.  You will find support here, and no question is silly or stupid.  This is why Julian created this site so we can all encourage and support each other.  Enjoy the journey and like Sheena said, "Don't get hung up on the how."  Let it flow!  Embrace your uniqueness!  You have the gift! ???? 

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Its possibly that your humility in not knowing how all this is happening and trusting in what is coming through with out expectation or reward is why it works for you so well.

Sometimes when you expect things to happen - and they don't, and you start to over analysis and wonder where you got wrong and loose that ability to trust, let go and let flow it can feel as if you're getting it 'wrong'.

I love that you are going with the flow, that you have been approved as a reader and its so exciting to see someone working so well with this. It warms my heart thinking of how many people you are helping and all the people and experience that have fallen in to place to get you here. Its beautiful to think and see that things work out, when you go with the flow of life. I love that I can hold on to this as an example of what can happen when you trust and go with life as you have. 

It gives me hope that things will be ok - I don't know how, but thats ok, thats part of going with the flow right.

Thank you so much for sharing John

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