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Touched by Spirit



Id very much like to share with you what happened to me after the death of my mother.

My mum aged 89 years passed in May 2019, i was totally lost.  June 2019 i was laying on my sofa eyes closed just thinking about mum and the memories we shared together.  All of a sudden i felt weight on top of my body, not a heavy weight but i know there was something laying on top of me, i felt this weight go underneath me also i felt enveloped in it. I was scared to scared to move or open my eyes, this was the first time anything like this had happened to me.

I just layed there for about 20 seconds than every hair on my body stood on end, than the most amazing beautiful feeling came over me.  Every inch of my skin began to tingle, the most beautiful feeling ever, the only way i can describe this feeling is total pure love. I do not know why but out loud i said mum please do no leave without taking me with you, with that i felt the weight shift slightly and i felt a kiss on my forehead than it was all over. This is something that i cannot ever forget, i do not want to forget it, the feeling was out of this world.

About five weeks later i saw my very first medium,  mum came through instantly with this message, i am sorry if i scared you i just wanted to hold you and let you know i have never left you.

From that day on my life changed,  everything about me has changed, i am on my path of awakening so much as happened that i never dreamed possible.  I began meditating every day, one day about two months ago i was meditating, my golden labrador was laying on the floor besides me, eyes closed head phones in i was very relaxed. half way through the meditation i heard my dog bark than whine, i opened my eyes to see him running away into another room of the house.  I sat up took my head phones out and saw standing in front of me a figure.  It was not the smoky, misty figure you hear people describe when talking about spirit.  This figure was as clear as day, just like a living human would look like.  I know this was spirit as i was the only person home and the doors were locked.  This figure was dressed in a long black hooded cloak, i felt is was a woman, slim and six feet tall.  I was shocked but not afraid, i did not speak neither did this figure lift her head as to look at me, it just sort of slowly faded away.  There has been so many other strange things happening.


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I love that you are experiencing this and in such a safe and positive way. Most of all I love that you have found a place you can share and know that there are others out there that have similar things happening.

I think it is amazing that you saw a person full on in front of you - that shows that you have some strong clairvoyance stuff going on there.

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Do you think she could be one of your guides , as that's how my guides introduced themselves to me , they tend to hide in cloaks at first so I don't get distracted by their face and features  , I would maybe do a meditation and see if she comes back xx 

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