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Demi Christofi


Hello beautiful souls ?

I felt inspired to write a blog, it comes to me at random times of the day, I’m learning every day to follow my intuition and it’s proven to be very useful. I find myself talking to myself (as though it seems to the outside world) but really I’m talking with my guides which is wonderful. They are the ones who inspire me, they are the ones who nudge me and tell me to act. 

Its taken me a while not that it matters as we all grow and act at different times to start showing the world that I am here, I know I have a healing ability. I created my Facebook and Instagram page @demi_healing_with_love without a plan, not knowing what content to use and found myself being inspired by my spirit guides to write about crystals, I absolutely love them and drawn to them like a magnet. I want to share my love and passion and knowledge of them to the outside world, to help inspire others and the feedback so far has been heartfelt, knowing others appreciate what you do and teaching them about things they knew they were into but didn’t know how to act upon them. Slowly people are starting to awaken and it’s with Thanks to Julian and all you beautiful lights that I am able to do this. I have found my home in you and this community.


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