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Waking Up

Demi Christofi


Hello my fellow angels, 

This is my first blog on this site, so I'm a little nervous about putting my thoughts and understanding down but I feel inspired by this wonderful community.

I am a newbie, as in being able to talk about this wonderful gift with like minded people. I live just outside of London in the UK. Im a full time mother for four children and finding time to sit and meditate can be challenging, though I do what I can when I can and I feel myself slowly growing. 

When I first started to meditate a year ago, I struggled to do five minutes, slowly over time it has become easy and a wonderful place to just sit and be at one with yourself or to have a conversation with your guides. Now I can do 20 minutes and it's a great boost. My message is to never give up, keep trying no matter how slow, there is no race, do what feels right for you.

I've always had a special connection with the Devine, though as a child thought it was my imagination, I could see shapes in the clouds that represented people, animals etc, I could and still can sense energy around me that is loving, messages popping into my mind, not for random people, but for myself, as if my angels, spirit guides and loved ones are with me guiding me. Ive only just "woken up" and started to listen and I mean really listen and follow my gut instinct. Thanks to Julians courses and support and to this wonderful community who dedicate their time to help, no matter how bazaar our questions are, we are all one. (Just at different stages of our spiritual journeys). 

For ages I have been waiting to physically hear my messages because my expectations were too high, those expectations have slowed down my journey, I'm not angry about it, its part of learning! I now understand that the feelings and thoughts of knowing are the messages. 

I also feel that I see premonitions ...not looked into this one yet, ill leave some more learning for later ? 

Im still unsure of where my journey will take me so I'm taking it slow and trying out lots of things, Ive done Reiki & Chrystal Reiki. Ive just managed to do a tarot reading for people I don't know (Without the book! Thank you Carly Jane) I'm reading astrology books, trance, learning to use my pendulum (Thank you Christine Rogerson). 

I want to heal people, knowing that I can help put a smile on someones face fills me with so much love. 

thank you and all the best on your spiritual journey.

Love Demi xx ??

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Melissa Kennedy


Beautiful words! Thank You for sharing your journey with us!! ??

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Thank you for sharing your journey with us Demi!! 

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