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Wisdom from my Spirit Guides

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Tina Marie


I love how the Universe works!  It always amazes me when things just fall into place!  You don't always see them coming and BAM there they are!  Today I had a client let me know that a reading I did for her was spot on!  She went on to explain what I said, and how it all played out!  AMAZING it happened just like I told her!  My Guides are so amazing!  I have been afraid to put myself out there live, but I think they want me to do that again.  I keep getting that they want me to do more videos and even though I'm working on some, I'm running into bumps in the road.  Does that mean I'm doing the wrong thing?  Nope!  Maybe I need to do it differently!  Leave it to my friend to shed light on this!  Speaking of friends... ?  do you ever find one that you instantly connect with at just the right time in your life?  Yup that's what happened!  My friend (You know who you are) ? Sheds light were there was darkness and questions!  She is such a blessing in my life and I can't tell you how much I appreciate her!  My life and journey are Blessed because of her!  This site has been such a blessing to me as I know it is to so many others!  I was sharing with her that I think I met a new guide.  I told her the name and turns out she knew him, but he passed.  Stop the bus!  What?  He was reaching out and I didn't know it until I told her about what happened after we talked.  Coincidence?  I think not!  Synchronicity!  AMAZING!  I love when those that have passed feel comfortable enough with me to come see me and share!  I feel so BLESSED!  This is such an amazing day!  Hum... I think I need to go live!  Be on the lookout for some videos from me!  ?  As soon as they tell me what they want me to do! LOL  

Sending you all a Blessed Day Filled with Synchronicity! ?


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