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There is a place I go to

Julian Jenkins


There's a place I go to, Where no one knows me, It's not lonely
It's a necessary thing.

The lyrics from a song that was drifted to me via my playlist by spirit. Never heard of Matt Simons before the day my guides shuffled my playlist and this appeared.

Sunday, June 28th was a special day in many ways it was the end of a period in my life that has had several ups, but many downs.

I have widely written about my experiences with suicide and death over this period and also our family being struck down by COVID.

The ups where I have managed to release myself from the commercial world I have operated in for so long, plus the community we are growing seems to be going from strength to strength and the purchase of the spiritual woodland.

For me, the one big highlight over this period was driving to Glastonbury on that Sunday in June and filming my final Mindfulness challenge video, day 101. 

It all started as a 14-day challenge but I felt the energy, love and need and decided we would extend it to 100 days.

During this time things were very much up in the air and on times I don't know where I got the strength through illness to carry on, but the light in my mind and behind my eyes to get out of bed and hold the light up for many was so powerful.

The culmination of the final two days, day 100 being filmed from our woods and day 101 being from Glastonbury really gives me the sense of love from spirit a sense of gratitude from about that not only have I showed up, but so many of you have to.

Glastonbury for me is such a sacred special place, very much like Llantwit Major a place I can call home, my souls resting place. 

The best part about it, it is a place I go to where no one knows me, it's not lonely it is a necessary thing,  thank you, Matt, thank you spirit, thank you Glastonbury and THANK YOU for ensuring this story, this journey continues for many moons to come.

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fantastic achievement Julian, 101 days! I'd love to go to Glastonbury soon! x

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