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Less Is More

Julian Jenkins


Less Is More.
For today's blog, I sat in the energy for a few seconds and straight away Ronnie came and said less is more. 

I thought where is he going with that and actually, he said all parts of our live and spiritual journey.

I have over many years seen a decline in my materialistic desires and actually start to streamline a lot of the things in my life. 

I have said many times before that we spend a large part of our lives putting ourselves under immense pressure to live and purchase things we don't need.

The simplicity of life for me now is the beauty and the space I want to be in so in this instance less is certainly more.

When I think of it from a spiritualism standpoint it also makes sense the desire and needs to develop over and above the natural rate is one of the most destructive ways to slow down development.

I say it a lot but the need to surrender and work towards your ultimate goal of a happy balanced spiritual life with clarity and purpose isn't a spirit it is a marathon.

I am finding more and more people coming to me now saying since they just sit in the energy create that spiritual space and just be there mediumship has leapt on.

Again I think this is a perfect example of less is more.

So today just think about how we live our lives and how we work and interface with spirit and maybe just step back a little to see how you can simplify things and less will certainly be more.

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