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Be Guided By Your Guides

Julian Jenkins


There is a constant need for us to develop ourselves spiritually and on times at a pace that we want to dictate.

The thoughts of I should be further?

 why can't I always see spirit?

How is it others are better than me?

Why can I see my guides?

The last question is the one that we all get to hold up on the need to know who are guides are what they look like and where are they from drives a lot of spiritual frustration and ultimately the slowing down of development.

I have been lucky as many of you know I have a spirit guide I now call my brother and Ronnie is always there for me.

I am aware and work with other guides but for me the time I stopped searching and was just guided to my guides without again the word I always use expectation things changed.

If there is one piece of advice I would give is just let your guides guide you and be patient knowing they are always there even if you can see them or not.

Be guided by your guides follow the string with unconditional love and no expectation, practice your meditation and allow the relationship to unfold.

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I needed to hear this - Thank you! ?   I do feel hung up on knowing who my spirit guide is.  I think I saw him in a meditation, but I question myself. . . .

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Melissa Kennedy


I really know now, I have a music spirit guide(s)! One more way spirit works with me. Today I got songs specifically for two people, as part of our connection during a reading. I have not really asked a name or identification from a specific guide.  I just know it is my angels and guides, delivering messages or creating a connection through song.  Sometimes that is all we need to know.   

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Demi Christofi


So simple and so true. I will keep practicing 

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