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Wisdom from my Spirit Guides

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Spirit Guided Vacation!

Tina Marie


Hello Everyone!

Well my love, Mark and I went on a mini vacation.  We recently bought a Travel Trailer and this was our maiden voyage with it!  We had another trailer, but quickly realized it wasn't for us!  This new one was perfect!  The reason I call this a Spirit Guided Vacation is even before I started I asked my guides, angels and anyone else that could help make our journey amazing to show up! 

Boy did they show up!  Before we left I was looking at the weather and 2 out of the 3 days we would be there were calling for a lot of rain.  I asked for the rain to miss the park we were staying at.  It did!  We only had one day were it rained for an hour!  Perfect!  AND that day was our last day... later in the day when it didn't matter! 

I also asked for the perfect spot for us to park.  We got it!  The people that were next to us were wonderful!  We learned a lot from them!  We now are keeping in touch with them!  We also met other people that we are keeping in touch with!!  

Traveling I asked Archangel Michael if he would spread his wings around our vehicle, and those around us to keep everyone safe.  He did!  Then I asked for all green lights so we could get there quickly and easily.  We did! 

During our stay we were on the river so we got to watch the kids go by in their tubes.  Listening to the rushing water was so peaceful and calming I could just feel spirit with us! 

I have a project that "they" want me to do, so while I was there the words just flowed, and I would type for hours!  No distractions!  To say that this was a Blessed trip would be correct!  Even the trip home was amazing! 

They predicted and 80% chance of rain.  I asked for there to be a sunny day, and for the rain to hold off until we had the trailer back in storage.  I got my sunny day!!! 

On the way home we hit a red light and Mark said, "Umm are we going to hit these the rest of the way?"  I laughed and said, "Nope!  Give me a minute."  I asked for all green lights, and for us to get home by 2:20 pm.  We had all green lights and we arrived at exactly 2:20!!  Now in order for you to appreciate that time... normally it would have taken us at least 10 more minutes, but because we literally got all green lights our time was cut in half!  Oh and in order to appreciate why the 10 minutes was important you have to realize that our trip started out to be a 10 hour drive.  We made it home in 9 hours!  That was going speed limit too! ?

I was so grateful and thanked my guides, angels and everyone else that made our trip memorable!  They want me to tell you all that life can be that way!  All you have to do is ASK!  The sky is literally the limit!  

Sending you all a Blessing of Memorable Adventures!!

Tina ?





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