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Lost Kitten!

Tina Marie


I love how the Universe/God works!  A few days ago I received a panic email from a client. I hadn't heard from her in months.  This mother asking on behalf of her daughter if I could find her daughters kitten.  You see the kitten ran right outside the door the second they opened it, and they couldn't find him.  ? 

Back in October I was invited to be the "Entertainment" at a Halloween Party.  This is where I met the daughter.  We had an instant connection so they thought I could help.  Help comes in many forms!  You see even though I am gifted in many ways I knew I was in way over my head.  I explained to this desperate mom that I didn't think I could help, but I knew someone who could!  Immediately I reached out to Melissa Kennedy!  I call her the "Animal Whisperer"!  She has a gift that I've never seen before!  She truly does speak to the animals... alive or passed on!  Just in case you didn't know! ? 

Melissa was busy at the moment, but said the second she could look she would.  I sent the mother and daughter an email telling them that Melissa would be taking over!  Fast forward the next day.... Oh did I say that they reached out to me at 9:30 PM!  Melissa contacted the daughter, got some information and went to work!  I am happy to report that THEY FOUND THE KITTEN!!  From the information Melissa gave them the daughter was able to find the kitten! 

The moral of this story is... We all have gifts!  When we connect with someone that has a gift we don't... yet ? We can reach out to that person and ask for help!  We are connected for a reason.  We are here for a reason.  There are no coincidences!  Know that you are here for a reason!!!  

The more you connect with people the more you learn from them!  Even if you are "New" to this world, know that you have a special gift that you can share with others!

Sending you all a Blessing to Know that You are Special!

Tina ?

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Shani McKeown


That is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it. We can never be remined too much. 

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