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Spiritual Awakening Musing

Melissa Kennedy


Hello Everyone!

It has been a minute since my last blog post!  I wanted to just say a little bit about 'spiritual awakening'.

This is a subject that truly never gets old to me! I am so inspired by everyone's spiritual growth.  Some of us

wake up over long periods of time, some of us just 'pop', for lack of a better word to describe! It can all be a 

bit overwhelming, that is for sure.  I have been inspired so many times by my angels and guides to continue

with my passion in helping other's to understand, that no matter what you may be experiencing right now,

no matter where you are in your spiritual awakening,  understand that you are no longer alone!  This is our safe

place to be exactly who we are.  There will be no judgement, no preconceived notions!  We are all here and it is

beautiful that we can meet each other at exactly where we are in our spiritual awakening journey.  It is not always

rainbows, butterflies, fairies, kittens, mermaids and unicorns! But, maybe it is just that for you right now! The point 

is, that even in the low spots, the rough patches, there is still so much beauty! Remember to embrace it all, learn, and 

never stop growing!  

I will be hosting a mini class this Sunday, May 31rst at 2:00pm Central USA time!  This mini class is to welcome all new

members and all seasoned members are welcome as well! I am sure everyone will learn something about themselves,

and hopefully make new connections to inspire you to be the best human being you can possibly be! Then together, 

we can go out and change the WORLD in our own special, individual way!

Peace, Love & Light!



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Melissa Kennedy


Hi Tina!! So glad!! xxxoo & Thank You for your comment! I tried to keep it pithy! Even the keys can get long winded!

Have a Blessed day my beautiful friend! 

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Cathy Chadwick


Thank you for your post, made me feel a lot better. Hoping to join you on Sunday


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