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About this blog

I'm hoping to grow in learning what the messages I get through relate to - and for that I would love some input in to your thoughts on what these drawings are about. What feeling you get from them - what they mean to you.


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Interesting message for client

I was doing a reading for a client...I did an automatic drawing as part of it and got this. note, I’m a big cat lover, usually I get a carton type person... this time ‘I got what looks like a dog, ...with words added to it. What I noticed was the words relate to the motto here.... and I was like ... So cool! ????  anyways, still feeling like a bit of a crazy person doing drawings with readings, but sometimes you just need to embrace the crazy. It does mean I’m loosing fr


Eve in Eve001

Automatic Drawing 001 - question asked 'What can I expect from this community?'

First time blogger here ...., so here it goes. This is my automatic drawing (because automatic writing is - well this is what happens when I do automatic writing). I asked a question 'What can I expect from this community?' and got this answer. Usually I get the same cartoon type character coming through - so not sure if its even drawing... more cartooning? (is that even a thing?) What do you think it means/ is saying? There is a tree in the back with some red flowers, s


Eve in Eve001

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