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Automatic Drawing 001 - question asked 'What can I expect from this community?'




First time blogger here ...., so here it goes.

This is my automatic drawing (because automatic writing is - well this is what happens when I do automatic writing).

I asked a question 'What can I expect from this community?' and got this answer.

Usually I get the same cartoon type character coming through - so not sure if its even drawing... more cartooning? (is that even a thing?)

What do you think it means/ is saying?

There is a tree in the back with some red flowers, some bare branches, others that are just budding to life, it looks like she has walked out of a dark 'between a rock and a hard place'  (behind her) - something is in her hands, maybe a butterfly or a heart? and there are sparkles around. What about the sky and the mountains? in the back.

They all mean something - even the colour of the dress and hair - and the eyes. the character has never had blue eyes before.

Whats it trying to say? - any ideas?





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Good evening Eve, I look at your photo that you have drawn and this is what it says to me. 


You are walking on a downward slope as opposed to an upward slope, with a very dark rock or cave behind you. I believe this is a representation of certain things or events in your life that were once a very dark place and are beginning to change. As you walk downhill as opposed to uphill your journey is easier, helping you to forget the darkness from your past. While we all have dark moments in our lives that we will always remember eventually the darkness subsides because it is a singular moment in time, it is not forever. As you move downhill there is a tree and a verdant green bush. I believe this represents new life entering into you. I found it unique that on the tree are THREE fruits or flowers. Their is definitely power in the number three and this is representative of a new power or powers growing up inside of you.  You are wearing a purple set of clothing and that immediately makes me think of the Crown Chakra which is a brilliant purple color. I think this represents you beginning to learn skills and having experiences of opening up that Chakra to entirely new levels. Your hair and face are white, which represents a clean slate, white is one of the purest if not THE purest color. You slate is clean and new and you are ready to absorb so much new information that I believe will ultimately define your spiritual colors. The eyes are blue and that makes me think of the throat Chakra because of the shade of blue that it is. You are opening yourself up to more social interaction, you have been closed off entirely to long, it is time for you to trust in others and get help when those past days of darkness return. As we continue to examine the photo even closer I believe it is night, the mountains in the background are shaded, not bright. In the sky there are several small pinpoints of light, stars. The moon plays a vital role in your spiritual growth but it also brings mystery and the unknown into your life. Don't be afraid to tread where you never have before, the Goddess will be there to light your way even in the darkest nights. Embrace the mysteries of life and continue on the path you have now chosen. Finally the butterfly, I believe in my spirit that it represents you beginning to untie the knots in your auras and spiritual self. The butterfly represents a new and amazing period of healing and self fulfillment for you, a certain happiness not felt before by you.


I hope that this helps you on your journey


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Oh Grady, I love this, what a beautiful way you have of expressing yourself, - it just flows so nicely and - is quite accurate of whats happened and happening.  I love this and am so grateful for the time and energy you did to reply. Its really a beautiful reading of the picture ???? thank  you thank you thank you xx

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Yours in spirit, always. Reach out anytime Eve. I will always respond.

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I love this picture, I get drawn to the purple dress and the maybe butterfly in her hand.   I feel you are starting to bloom spiritually, and are finally feeling settled and amongst friends.    The beautiful blues are all different, so I feel you are finding your feet in regard of talking about what you feel and who you are too. 


Loved this , thank you for this picture, im really loving colours and art this year. 


Carly x

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