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Got Astral?

Melissa Kennedy


Astral Travel! I can't believe I have actually bought plane tickets to go anywhere! ? 

All joking aside!

We have been stuck in quarantine but, that does not mean we can not take a journey to 

far away places! Places that not even our wildest dreams or imaginings could fully bring to

life!  I have recently learned the skill of astral travel. With every new metaphysical skill I learn

and develop I am always amazed as to how much growth that takes place inside of my being.

Some would say that I was delusional as to the places that I have been gifted to explore and discover!

I say, don't knock it until you learn it, try it and experience it for yourself! I am still trying to process how deep mediation

and astral travel differ.  At this point in time for me it seems that astral travel can be more deliberate where

when we meditate we set a specific intention, or mantra and things flow in.  I find that for myself, astral travel is more like a free 

flowing surrender! It is like letting a friend decide where you will travel to together next.

I am letting my guides and angels decide where it is I need to go, what it is I need to see and

what I need to learn with each place I astral travel to.  I have to say, it is pretty amazing to arrive, step out and look 

around and see where you have been brought! My last four astral traveling journeys have take me to the Akashic Records,

The Fairy Realm, The Cosmos and to Tibet.

To my amazement the Dalai Lama was there! I wish I could show what the view looked like

from atop of those mountains! The best part was, I was not cold! I must have had my astral coat on! lol What is so amazing

about arriving in Tibet? I had never really thought much about the Dalai Lama, nor did I look up what his teachings are. 

The name Dalai Lama means Ocean Guru, or Teacher! I am amazed that the Dalai Lama would want to speak with me

and teach me!  I can't wait to return and find out what wisdom he has for me! The growth and knowledge just expands.

I wonder what your experiences may be with Astral Travel? I would love to hear your stories!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


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Tina Marie


Thank you for sharing!!  Sounds like another class you need to teach!  I'm in! ?

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