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Conversation with Jesus!

Tina Marie


When I drew my card for the day I felt like it could be a message for everyone!  Here is the message!


During this time it is hard sometimes to be the light, love and joy we would like to be.  I read Kendra's blog and she hit the nail right on the head!  Today is a new day!  For some strange reason I have been waking up to Love, and Joy!  The songs that keep coming to me that I haven't thought about in many, many, many years are coming forward!  The come to remind me that today is a new day!  Joy does come in the morning!

Last night I had a visit from Jesus!  He told me he came here to spread love... show love AND BE LOVE!  Many people missed why he came, but for me the message was clear!  He also told me that he was like us!  All of us here on this site!  He was a psychic, Medium, healer and more!  He had his gifts when he came, and no one told him he was crazy so he developed them, and accepted them all as they came!  We were born into a world that deemed what we do as evil so we were rejected, ridiculed and forced to hid our true selves.

TODAY I CHALLENGE ALL OF YOU TO PROCLAIM WHO YOU TRULY ARE AND BE PROUD OF IT!  NO MORE HIDING!  I came "out" on March 24, 2019!  I did it on Facebook.  The reason I chose Facebook is because that is where I could reach all my friends and family at once. 

Here is what I wrote: 

Good morning everyone! I have decided to share something about myself that most of you don't know, but before I do that I want to go back in time so you can see how much I have grown. ? Many of you know me as an actress, singer, writer (yes I wrote a novel and am working on the sequel) director, lighting person, videographer, artist and Avon lady. ? To say that I love being creative is an understatement. ?

In the past few years, I have been on a journey to find my "true self." You know to become the person I always thought I should be. Inside I've never really felt that I was doing what I was called to do. I guess that's why I did so many different things. I would always say to myself... maybe this is what I'm supposed to do. But none of that was meant to be life long and somehow I always knew.

This journey I have been on to find my "True Self" has been an exciting one for sure. They call it Enlightenment. I'm learning more about the universe and how things fit into my life.  There have been many times in my life where I've "Known things" and didn't know how I knew. Like I knew when my Mom was sick.. probably even before she did. I knew when my Dad was going to die. I know when people are being genuine and when they aren't. Just to give you some examples.

I've always said that I absorbed other peoples energies and not known what that meant! I now know. After much research, I found out that I am an Empath. In the interest of this post not getting any longer, I'll leave you to look that up. ?

So here is the part where I tell you who I am as a person. ?

I am an Empath/Psychic and Tarot Card Reader. Yup you heard that right! I guess I've always known that was who I was, but didn't think I could handle the judgment that came along with it, so I hid those facts about myself. Since making the decision to embrace who I "truly" am, exciting things have been happening with me. First I find out that I come from a long line of Psychics, Tarot Card readers, Mediums and Healers. As a kid, I remember my Grandmother reading tea leaves and she would tell us all about the ghosts she saw. Until recently I had forgotten that. My great-grandmother was an excellent tarot card reader and it goes on.

I have had wonderful experiences with those that have passed, but I'm not sure you could call me a medium... at least not yet. LOL For those of you that took the time to read this post. Thank you. I had to face my fear in order to move on and continue to be the True Tina ? I also want to thank Mark for encouraging me to be my True Self and supporting my choices. I love you more than you could know. ?

I hope none of you unlike me as a result of knowing this about me, but if you do I totally understand. I will say though, I'm still the fun, loving, crazy person you have all come to know it's just now I'm enlightened. ?

Love and Light to all of you!

After I wrote that I was surprised at the people that stayed my friend and not surprised at those that chose to leave.  It did sadden my heart, but I had to be me!  No more hiding!  No more being fake to please other people!  If you are still in "the closet" please come out... the weather is fine!  We need more people like us in the world to step up, and help enlighten those that are in the dark.  Doing it all with LOVE!  Just like Jesus!  AND just by being OURSELVES!

Sending you a Blessing with the Ability to Shine Your Light and Love in a World that is Searching!

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Melissa Kennedy


Hi Tina!

I love this! I have had some conversations with Jesus myself! ? 

I have stepped out! I post links from my animal communication page.

Most of my 'uh hum, friends', do not even 'like' my posts! I only had ONE person in my extended family come forward and it was my SIL. She thanked me for posting on my personal page and she told me that she wants to also come out of her closet as well, and that I gave her inspiration and courage to do so. I won't be doing what you did because I feel I should not have to proclaim who I am, or what I am. If people really cared to know, or cared enough about me, they would ask! I feel that I am presently meeting my real soul tribe! I think in the days to come, this will indeed prove to be correct! Those people who do not change, or examine things on their own, just are not on my wavelength & vice versa.

I have always told people I am shamanic and that I have abilities. Some have even noticed that I do! LOL 

I did feel the need to do what you did, at one time, but,  then I thought, those who know me, really know me!  

I will be interested to see how others actually have come out! 

It is really sad that we should even have to come out, and even sadder that people who know us, really don't know us at all, or even care to know us. 

I am glad you did this! It was absolutely the right thing for you to do! 

& If you wake up one day, and you see me making an announcement on my page that I am the equivalent of a psychic wonder woman of the western world. I know I will get a big ole heart from you and everyone else who knows me from this community! 'Soul Tribe'!  ? xo 

So glad to know you! THE REAL YOU! 

xo Melissa 

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Tina Marie


Thank you Melissa!  For me it was Freeing!  I needed to do it so I could stop living the lie as to who I was.  Being a Born again Christian is all people saw.  I needed to let them know that wasn't the truth... the way they know it.  I still talk to God/Jesus all the time, but now I talk to so many more spirits!  I understand so much more.  I always knew he was all about Love, but they always wanted to add to that, and I didn't understand why.  He came to enlighten!  Some saw and some didn't.  I am now free to live my life and if they have questions they will ask.  If not then we will just continue on as is.  ?

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