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Tina Marie


So many times in life we struggle and fight our circumstances.  If  we would just let go and relax we would realize that it is just the Universe/God telling us to slow down and refocus.  Take time for you!  All the things you worry about will still be there.  Getting strong is more important.  Being an Empath there are many times when I have to "retreat" so that I can recharge.  I need to recharge so I can continue to help others.  My goal is to share the light within so that all can glow!  Sharing my light will help others learn how to share theirs.  Think about how wonderful the world would be if we all shared our light!
Sending All Who Read This a Blessing of Pure Love and Purified Light from Within!  

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Beverley Pennell


Thank you for your post, This has been the hardest part of this Rotten Virus that is having a major effect on us all.

It has been the NO YOU CANNOT DO THIS OR THAT, that has been the hardest for me to comprehend.

The take time for yourself bit has been the hardest thing for me to do. once the daily chores have been done, its been a case of what to do next.

But What i would like to do is take this opportunity to say Thank You to everyone who daily takes part within the group. You have saved my madness many atime.

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