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Life Changes

Tina Marie


So many times in life we think we are going in one direction only to find that direction changed.  This is what is happening now!  Our direction has changed.  What do we do about it?  Well you can fight it or accept it.  I choose to accept it.  Some people may find this hard because their health is suffering.  Ask for healing!  There are many healers on this site that can help.  If you feel down because you can't accept, there is help here too!  Reach out to me I can help you, and I'm sure there are others willing to help!  We are not alone!  Try and find the joy in the little things.  Put music on and dance if you can.  Find your new normal.  Meditating, dancing, going for walks, painting abstract art, are all ways to grow and express yourself.  ? Maybe cleaning windows, and  closets is your thing!  Go for it!  I view this challenge as a chance to work on me and become a better person.  I find the joy in every day!  I'm dancing my way through it!  I see the positive that is coming from all of this and I smile.  Are you smiling?  Are you finding the joy?  Are you dancing?  If not, why not?  Change your direction we can help you! Sending you all a Blessing of Healing from Purified Source Energy!


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Beverley Pennell


Thank you Tina Marie ,

I have been struggling so hard with the Lockdown we are all in. I have worked from the age of 15. Even when helping my daughter to look after her babies so she could continue to work i changed my shifts to night shifts so i could work around the babies and i have loved every minuet of it.

Then bam out of nowhere you can now not work, I love my job with all its challenges, not knowing which ward i will be working on , or if i will be on the ward or working one to one with a patient.

I have not been able to deal with being home 24/7.  I have felt selfish , unwanted, guilty for feeling this way. I am in good health at the moment, i have emergancy meds at home in case i need them but no i am still not able to work.

It has hurt that certain work collegues have txt to let me know they are working and which ward they are on, Even my daughter has given me an update on the ward she is on.  And all the time i keep thinking for gods sake shut up, bog off i dont want to here you babbling on,

Ive never felt this way before so its been a nasty personal time. And yes the ruddy guilt is eating me up. Ive meditated, ta;kled to my guides but bevs gone into selfish mode. And this i am not coping with.



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Tina Marie


Beverely you need to get to a space where you accept your circumstances.  Do the Mindful Meditation and Grounding.  They will help you.  Check out some of my other techniques.  I think there are some there that could help too!  And by the way you have nothing to feel guilty for.  You are human and we are all living in an extreme time.  You have a right to your feelings!  Embrace them and then let them go.  Sending you a Blessing of Healing Love! ?

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