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Communicating with the Spirit World

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My Nanny

Shani McKeown



I thought I would give blogging a go to learn something new and I'm a bit nervous putting it out there.

I have communicated with spirit for many years and I hear them (clairaudient) and have conversations and this is how I developed my Mediumship. I work in a small church as a guest speaker and medium to help bring through loved ones for people in our church. I have some amazing experiences showing how spirit can work their magic. 

I grow up with my Mum and sister and we lived in Duplex situation with my Nanny (Mum's Ex Mother-in-Law) all of my childhood until I moved out age 20. We all absolutely adored her and the four of us remained extremely close. We knew she would live a long life like her Mum did and she was still independent in her home until age 96. She passed over at age 98 only being in a nursing home for six months. My Mum remained at her side until she passed. We knew for a few weeks that this was it, it was her time. When she was 92 she had a fall while in hospital for leg infection that resulted in her breaking her neck. She went into a coma and everyone was called in as she was slipping away, however, she came to me and said "I'm not going yet. I'm still here". I was confused. Then we received a call to say she had woken up and it must have been the pain medication they had given her that put her into coma. She made a full recovery and we placed her higher on her pedestal. 

I spoke to her as she was in coma just before passing that she could let go and to make sure she comes back to say hello. She knew what I did, accepted it but I don't think she really believed. I saw an angel at the top of her bed and her mum  on bottom who said she was waiting to take her. With all my knowledge and belief I didn't think it would be long before I would be able to talk to her in spirit. 

On the day of the funeral as we all stayed silent looking at her coffin in the church, I got a second glimpse of you and she appeared young, younger than I remembered her as a young child but just like her photos. Again as they lowered coffin into the ground, I saw her in the distance where I knew it was her, that she was young again and she was dancing, so happy. There was a sense of relief.  Then the days turned into months and I received nothing. I was patient, thinking maybe she has things to do, maybe I am not ready. She showed me through meditation that she was young because that's the time she liked the best. She also showed me that in the end in last few years where she was slow on her feet, forgetful of things, repeated herself and was tired all the time was the time in her life that she struggled the most and was unhappy with her life just sitting. I always thought she was happy to be here so I had no idea. This was a positive experience because I know now why she will always appear young to me. 

It's 12 months on now and she has not come to me in any way and I have been told she does not need to but rather she shares her wicked humour with me by commenting through my clairaudient about things around the house that I will share another time. Through this experience I have realised that I need to wait like everyone else and sometimes for whatever reasons and however many times we ask they do not come through to us in the way we want them to.  The truth is they are always here in our heart and they will do whatever they can to show you they are here when it is needed. They will never let you down and we don't need to seek them out but just talk to them as though they are here. Listen for their answer back as it may not be yourself answering you in your head but them answering you using strange words so let you know it is them. 

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Thank you for sharing.  My son was like that , he passed and for many many years he never came through when I would go to the local church or have readings . Although I could feel he was with me.  He seems to be someone I can connect with and just know hes with me.  Maybe she will work in the same way with you ..

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