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Spiritual Smile

Julian Jenkins


Message from Spiritual Guide Ronnie:

Sunday 2nd July 2023 

Dear Beloved,

Recognize and embrace the power of spirit within you - a power capable of gathering hearts in the sacred circle of love, and fusing diverse energies into a unified spiritual force. The divine potential is there to transform our world, bringing the serenity and joy of heaven to our earthbound lives.

Our world is currently swaying under a mystical imbalance. As lightworkers, we are bestowed with the responsibility to strive and restore equilibrium, to tilt the scales towards love, compassion, and shared humanity. The light within you, radiant and warm, holds a significance now more than ever. 

Understand that we are all part of a collective, a unified organism working towards betterment. Each act of goodness, every moment of happiness shared, contributes to this grand endeavor. The limitless power of positivity and the simplest act of sharing a smile - these are your tools, your gifts. 

Never underestimate the power of a smile, for it transcends all languages and cultural barriers, uniting and brightening the world around you. A smile is an unspoken conversation, a universal symbol of joy and acceptance. Today, let this be your guiding principle. Your small, yet profound changes can, and will, lead to monumental impacts on your life and those around you. 

Remember, you are presented with choices every day. You possess the power to induce change, to seize opportunities, and to navigate through life's intricate maze of twists and turns. Obstacles are merely opportunities in disguise - you can, and will, overcome anything that stands in your way.

You are a beacon of light in this world, an energy that's both vibrant and vital. You are a unique piece in the grand puzzle of the universe, beautiful and irreplaceable. You are you.

With love and blessings from the spirit world, and remember the wisdom in these words:


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