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Sunday Unexpected

Holly Donath


Yesterday was a day spent in nature.  In my front garden, I dug up the bits and pieces of ornamental grass that survived our unusually cold winter.  Cutting out the dead roots, I took great care to locate the earthworms burrowed among the intertwined roots.  I found an amazing number of them, from adults down to tiny, baby earthworms and re-homed them back into the garden to let them continue their work.

As I was separating the roots, my husband suddenly stopped mowing and yelled my name.  He pointed to the garage, and explained he had disturbed a nest of baby rabbits.  One kit streaked into the garage.  Two headed for the back garden; two headed for parts unknown across the street.  

I picked up the garage-goer in my gloved hand and placed him back in the nest.  One kit had not escaped, but remained beside the nest, flailing his front paws.  My first thought was to check him for external injuries, and there were none.  My second thought was he may have collided with the mower and sustained a brain injury.  My instinct was to hold him close to my heart.  Then, I put him in my pocket.

My gardening sweatshirt is a big old thing that has seen better days.  It has a hood and a generous front pocket sown on the front of the sweatshirt.  I put all kinds of things in my pocket.  Cell phone, keys, a frog, earthworms, whatever needs keeping or comforting.  The bunny had my pocket all to himself that day.

I continued to work on re-homing the ornamental grass, taking frequent breaks to give the kit Reiki healing and asking spirit and spirit guides to be with the kit.  I took him out of my pocket to hold him next to my heart and reassure him that he was safe and loved.

My husband told me that I shouldn’t make a pet of him.  I didn’t want that either.  I wanted him to have his freedom, as a well rabbit, completely healed from his run-in with the mower.  I called my animal spirit guides to come forward and help this little soul.  As the day wore on, he stopped flailing and adopted a normal rabbit stance.  

It was the end of the day.  It was time to go inside.  I put him back in the nest and told him he would be fine.  I asked my spirit animals to watch over him.  I went inside.  It began to mist.  I went back outside.  There he was in the nest.  I gave him words of encouragement.  It was so very hard to leave him outside in the mist, but I knew it was as it should be.

The next morning, I woke up early and checked the nest.  He was gone.  I believe spirit healed the little one, and he rejoined his family.  Be love, give love to the smallest among us.



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Have you considered if you are an animal communicator? Just saying...


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Ponder a bit on this! You never know what may come through!

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Tina Marie


I agree with Elena!  You definitely have the gift!  You are one with nature and the fairies love you!  ????

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