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Sunshine and Blue Skies... Is that how you see life?

Tina Marie


Today I got up, and decided to go outside, and have my coffee! I'm on my patio watching the clouds go by! They are going at such a fast rate that the sky is ever changing. I'm told there is a storm coming, but I'm not seeing it right now.

As I'm watching the clouds it reminds me of life. Sometimes it moves so fast we can hardly keep up, and other times it moves so slow we wish it would move on. It also reminds me that there is a steadfast part that we can't always see. As the clouds move by I can see the blue sky, and it reminds me that through life's storms eventually they will pass ,and the sun will come out, and the sky will be blue again.

What if we could always remember that no matter what, the Universe has our back! Even in the storms of life there is always Sunshine and Blue Skies! Look past your circumstances and see the Sun!

Sending You All a Blessing Of Pure Sunshine!

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