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Tina Marie


So many times in life our intuition tells us to do something, but we just don't trust it.  Why?  I don't know about you, but when I do readings for someone else I totally trust what comes through.  Having said that, I can't tell you how many times other "psychics" have come to me for a reading.  Why?  Because they don't trust what they are hearing/seeing/what's coming through.  I won't say that I haven't been in their places!  Yes, I've even gotten a couple of readings from Julian!  THANK YOU!  ?  The funny thing is "Trust" was always the message.  Over the past few months I can truly say that not only "I" but many of the people here have grown!  We have not only grown, but we have been learning to "Trust". 

My Spirit Guides want you all to know that you Can TRUST YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES!  Trust what comes through for you and for others!  We will never let you down!  Prepare before so that you have asked us for guidance!  After all we are your "Spirit Guides" right?  Just when you think you can't trust what comes through... wait... because that's when we do our magic!  Sometimes we wait to see if you are going to trust us before we move forward.  If you do then the next time it will be easier.  Each time you trust us, life will get easier!  It's called "Let go of the control".


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Melissa Kennedy


I agree with this whole heartedly!  It is hard to get the right read for ourselves! It is always easier to give others the messages they need! I think it is also we may even feel that somehow, we are unworthy of such loving and profound messages from our guides! It is a process on the daily! Thank You for these words! They totally resonate! Trust is the key! ??? xo 

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Julian Jenkins


Trust is massive and unconditional trust, surrender and love are the keys to the spiritual door.

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