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Rowtags communication part one

Julian Jenkins


Rowtag communication part one.

There has been much pain for man on this earth and our great forefathers have trodden a difficult path. A path that has been burdened with pain, hurt, and fear. Spiritualism is alive because of those in the past and we must never forget this as this is the way of god and we have to say hallelujah for their giving. Men and women form thousands of years have practiced spiritualism in many guises and different cultures. The culture you live in and your way of spiritualism has been alive for many many years. There is now a time where spirit knows there is a generational gap, a gap and need for learning and higher energy.

You must gather people together and work with them to spread the world of love and eternal love. 

Like the forefathers before us, this road will not be easy, but you have to have a clear vision of love and development and people will follow.

It is now time to take the learnings of our forefathers and expand the energy. We must bring the love of eternal life to the forefront of spiritualism in a way that resonates with those people of today.

It is no longer right for people of today to get piecemeal evidence, people need factual evidence and evidence that will lift the ills of their grief in a way that will bring people back to the movement. 

This can only be done by working with the higher vibrations that are building over the coming months and years. We must not in any way not applaud and recognise those before us, but now we have the learnings and energy to go to the next level the next dimension where trust, honesty and humbleness has to be at the very core of everything we do.

Now is not the time for self, but for us to teach and develop to heal and be healed a time for us to ensure that our movement thrives and not dies.

This isn’t about fortune tellers or wise men who purport to use the skills of `God. But a time to lose all our inhibitions a time to be equal a time for soul self to deliver for mankind.

This is your time and you have to now work with spirit every day to ensure this new movement goes forward, in recent weeks you have been shown not only the right way to go but to understand that there are many people who are waiting with baited breath to get hold of spirituality to shake it about and put it into a story that people understand a story that is factual a story that no longer belongs in the library under fiction but with those people who love, give love and provide evidence of eternal love.

Thank you for listening my son and just know I will always be with you now and for eternity.


Good night


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Tina Marie


Wow I love this!  So true!  I want more than anything to share what I know with the world, but are at a loss on how to do that, so I've decided one person at a time!

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Melissa Kennedy


Rowtag is a man of great wisdom! He picked his student wisely!

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