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A message from spirit



Wow Julian i dont no where to start with this i missed this session last night after speaking with carly yesterday and something had popped up and i couldnt attend ive been doing alot more mindfulness.  The spiritual acceptance i have experienced that also ive losted people on my journey but i accept that they dont accept my abilities at this moment but in time they will accept the philosophy was beautiful i really enjoyed the healing experience but when you had went into trance i had noticed a few changes i notices your voices changed a few times different tones, facial expressions, lighting in the room  a few others but when yoy had connected with your guide  the doctor i immediately known that he was trying to reach out for me when i was 13 i had broken my right ankle and now i experience alot of pain with it now and again im 21 now. I just know the message resonates with me. I wanted to share my thoughts publicly to all the beautiful lights out the to love and light and accept the unacceptable it will work out  at the end keep on raising your vibrations and be love give love xx

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