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Tips For Raising Your Vibration!

Tina Marie


The Angels wanted to remind all of us that we are all energetic beings! Having said that how many times have you said, "I just don't have enough energy today." or "I feel down and I don't know why." or "I wish I could be happy!"  I've been where you are! Here are some tips for raising your vibration so you can get out of the negative space you are in!
1. DANCE!! Dancing will bring a smile to anybody's face! Especially if you aren't very good at it! I love to laugh when I dance! When I'm with my girlfriends we get silly and all we do is laugh! Try it you might just surprise yourself!
2. SING! Yes, singing will help raise your vibration! Put on some fun songs that you can sing too! They are usually older ones. I love the songs from the 60's ? Oops I think my age is showing! ?
3. WALK! Walking outside will get you closer to nature! Walk in bare feet if you can, and feel the grass, sand, earth! It will rejuvenate you!
4. MEDITATE! Meditating will bring you closer to Source/God/Universe! You won't feel so alone! Remember everything is energy! This is why we are all connected! 
5. GRATITUDE! Write down all the things you are grateful for! Look at them throughout the day! They will remind you of how wonderful life really is!
These are just a few things you can do to raise your vibration so get out there and start vibrating at a higher level!!  
If anybody has any other suggestions please feel free to add to the list!! ? 
Sending you all a Blessing of Pure Happiness!
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beautiful content! Thank you for sharing! ?

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Love this! Thank you! I have to say one day last week (while working from home) I had my headphones on with music playing and felt the urge to dance. I love dancing, but I haven't danced in a long time.  I got up and started to dance my butt off in my bedroom all by myself on my break. I had chills legitimately surging through my body as I was dancing because it felt so good. My angels had to have been with me because I felt so amazing and rejuvenated. Such a great feeling and I'm blessed to have felt that way that day. 

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