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Losing my Friend

CC Crystal Moon



I had a moment recently - I was driving my car.  You know that feeling when you're on autopilot.  As I was driving after another seriously crappy workday I had a cold feeling wash over me.

"I feel you..."  "What do you want?"

I took out my cell phone from my purse (no judgement and no I wasn't texting).  The phone was listing a person who has a terminal disease.  I could have sworn it was him, and he was reaching out.  

When I stopped as a store I felt someone behind me.  Enough to jump and turn around, frightening the clerk.  I called the friend to find out he was still doing OK.  I knew someone or something was there.  I couldn't hear him, but I felt him there.  I usually hear spirits, not feel them.  Come to find out another person who I have worked with died unexpectedly.  I was shocked because spirits reach out in different ways.

My guides are a younger girl named Abigale, a non-verbal shaman who shows me plant medicine and I've had a few cool encounters with more famous spirits like Abe Lincoln.  I would like to develop this skill.

My ultimate goal is to open a beautiful spirital place where people can reconnect with nature.  Find love and healing and being at peace with who they are.  We all need more love and understanding during this crazy time.  Be a light in the darkness

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