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self Healing

Susan Carter




I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (R.A). in 2020. R.A. is a very painful and debilitating disease caused by an overactive immune system. I was put on the standard prescriptions. Prednisone and methyltrexate to control the lower my immune system and control the symptoms, I was told there is no cure., I was told to change my lifestyle and to eliminate stress. I did this for a year but my body not responding to the treatments. I was dive bombing into depression. And praying to source to just take me away. That I was done. So, I went off with the prescriptions.

As an herbalist. I know how to create my own herbal supplements and that is where I began. I am also a Reiki master. And although Reiki. Is an immensely powerful modality. I do not conform with the rules and regulations that others have placed upon it. I follow my own intuition. But I am that way with everything in my life. I believe that almost all medical diseases are caused by our own internal thinking and by our insecurities and ego. It is with morning gratitude meditations and nightly guide connections that I have eliminated 90% of my symptoms. Without having any pharmaceutical drugs. I work on the issues that cause me to stress. Stress is the leading cause of flair ups. I go deep inside to discover where these fears, and emotions come from. What I discovered is that all my issues were taught to me. Not out of bad parenting, or bad relationships. But because it was the way I took the words and actions to mean.

 Self-discovery is a wonderous healing tool. With the meditations and energy movement, things come to the surface very quickly. and oh boy, was there a lot. This is where journaling comes in. It is a tool I use. To write down my thoughts. my emotions, my dreams, my wishes. And anything else. I have three different journals. One for my accomplishments. One for my dreams, my wishes, and the things I want to achieve., and one for the things in my life. I want to eliminate. The journal that holds the things I want to eliminate I end up burning. This is my way of giving it to universe and letting it go. When I burn them. I do a forgiveness ritual in which I forgive myself and others. But mostly myself. I will tell you this, Forgiveness does not always come on the first try. It may not even come on the 100th try. Forgiveness comes when you are truly ready to let it go. When you understand that it no longer helps you. That it is like a ball and chain.

This way of my working may not help everyone, but it is a starting point. I feel the key is to a least put one foot in front of the other and try, then discover your own way of Self-Healing.

 Currently, I am pain free with no progression. And for that I am forever grateful to my guides my helpers and to the universe.


Update: Flair up began as I had to have a surgery, the stress of it wiped be out. Yet I know this will be brought back under control by meditation, and balancing myself again. I may be doing this for the rest of my life But it reminds me of the power we all have over our own bodies.   

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I'm so glad I met you today! Thanks for sharing your journey. Mine began in my mid-twenties with pain, not RA but OA. I do have fibromyalgia and it is totally stress-dependent. I also am a Reiki master, and I collect journals. Being pain-free takes so much strength to control, so much discipline, and you want to help others see what you can do, but sadly not everyone is at your spiritual level. You can offer advice and hope always. Continue to work on yourself, in the end, that in and of itself does take up a whole lot of effort. I commend you on your success!

Thanks for sharing!


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