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New Path begins now



On August 27, 2020 hurricane Laura tore through my hometown and destroyed nearly all of it, including my home of 49 years. Myself, son, and mother left with very little and came to Florida to be around family. This has been one of the most difficult times in my life. I literally lost everything over night and was set on a path of fear, anxiety and depression. I have had so many struggles here it has nearly been unbearable. For the first time in my life I had no direction and had no idea what I was to do now. It has now been three almost four months since tragedy struck me and my family. Although I have managed to find some peace through the practices of my craft I sit here and wonder that maybe everything that happened was for a reason, that it really isn't about the beginning, or middle of a journey, only the end. I have no idea why the universe did what it did but I am trusting in the universe because I have no other choice,  I have begun to see light now, but the past keeps creeping up on me. It is so hard to move forward, why can't I just move forward. I will continue to try and any words of guidance that can be offered will be greatly appreciated.

Yours in spirit, always



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Maybe it keeps popping up because maybe you havent fully healed from those experiences yet, i have found that things for me have kept popping up even though i though i was so over it, but when i sat with it, allowed myself to feel into it i found that i was actually still holding on stuff from the experice and holding emotion over it, so even though i thought yer, im tots over it really i wasnt, i just didnt realise that. Or i had partly healed from it but not took the time to truely identify the experience and what i was feeling. 

For instance, my dad was very firm, he shouted alot, and didnt listen. I knew i was carrying trauma from this, but i thought it was just fear. So i was like ok, i was afraid, ok fab, next.... 

But experinces linked kept popping up and when i sat with it i realised that yes the most dominate emotion was fear, but it was also masking feelings of not being important, not being heard, not feeling able to express myself, not feeling safe etc etc 

I hope this makes some sense to you xx

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I have to share this with the community. 

Today I woke up and made my coffee and pondered something that happened to me last night around 5:45 am. I was sleeping in my bed and I felt movement at the foot of it. Now I only have an air mattress ATM so I could feel the vibration throughout the entire mattress. The temperature dropped about 20 degrees in my room and the cold woke me up. When I woke up I saw a young boy around 8-10 years old. He was a handsome boy with long unkept hair. He was white but I was able to see past him or through him, not sure. He was wearing a white or beige long sleeve shirt that appeared to be made out of wool. He had a dark vest on like you would wear at church and pants also dark colored, if I had to guess I would say he was dressed like someone would dress from the 1890's to very early 1900. He began to crawl toward me and then vanished as he reached me. I could see him so well I could even tell he had bad teeth. I am not sure if he was screaming or trying to talk because his mouth moved as to speak etc. but no sound came out. I was never afraid and got the name Jonathan, this in-depth experience has never happened before to me, EVER! This is the first time I have experience this level of spirit activity, by myself. I have experience some activity when I was a paranormal investigator in Louisiana, but not like this. I am totally in awe about this experience.

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