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Journaling the journey

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A poem for reminders

Conner Willow


within the light, darkness swallowed
where the darkness the light is hollowed
the walls around and the darkness between 
light surrounds for life is merely a dream
transcend the dream, to be awake
cut the veil at the seams, control reality it's your to create
when lessons arise, stay a float
ground your roots and climb the sky, to help evolve your soul
let the tides roll in deep, as the wind makes the leaves dance
by the water the Willow weeps, so lose your fears and take a leap of chance
in my heart my soul knows that when the sunsets it will rise
this is how our seeds sow, the eagle screams as it flies
the blast of light opens my mind, explodes and shakes my bones
now I can see no longer blind, that following my heart will guide me home


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