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Creating Creations



My first blog...here I go! 

I'm always stumped when being asked what I do for a profession.  I'm an artist, seamstress, healer, gardener, carpenter, all rolled into one.  I guess you could call me a jack of many trades, lol.

I'm going to talk about what my passion is and share a few images of this passion.  Its creating items to aid in the housing of treasures we collect.  Sometimes its creation of tools to help send out energy from these treasures collected.  

My passion started with crystal gem stones and grew into burning artistic yet meaningful and magical images onto wood.  I started with grids and have grown into customized boxes of all types.  I saw a need and went for it! I have product being sent all over Canada and the United States to wonderfully gifted people.  Im proud owner of web page and call my shop BRIGHT'S CREATION'S


I have gotten into sales of small stones to add to grids and store in the boxes.   All my creations are created with moon cycles and Holy Fire Karuna III Reiki healing (and other modalities). Then bathed not only in moon light but finished off in a bath of anointing oils infused with cinnamon lavender and polo santo.  They are surrounded by crystal as well when being created so the energies intense at times even for me! 

Im always open to the new ideas my clients present me with and bringing them to fruitions been a true joy challenges of not.  


Bright Blessings everyone!

Love n Light


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